Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage…A lesson to business owners

Its no doubt that the popular tech giant Facebook along with other apps like instagram and WhatsApp which amounts for several billions of users around the world was gone in a minute and our for hours on october 4, 2021.  lives were disrupted, businesses were cut off from customers for that few hours of its shutdown and it goes to show how significant our lives are affected by the internet and social media in general.For any serious-minded business owners its also an indication not to build your real estate on a rented land.  Technology outages are not uncommon but the sudden disruption in service by the world’s most used and popular apps at the same time is an unusual scenario.In a statement made by facebook the culprit was changes to its underlying internet infrastructure that coordinates the traffic between its data centers. That interrupted communications and  cascaded to other data centers, “bringing our services to a halt,”.  

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20 Business to enjoy 60% discount off on all web design projects

Get 60% discount off, in the ongoing PROMO! on Web Design. More than 5 Million people uses the social media daily.That’s awesome right? 😆 Do you know that most people these days browse the internet for information on goods and services before making their decision to buy. Which means if your business has no online presence then you are losing alot of customers to your competitors. Let’s help you fix that. We can help you create a professional website with modern functionalities for #60,000 naira only. Benefits include:1. UI/UX Preview2. Website Content3. A chat box4. Top SSL Security5. Free technical support 5. Domain name and 6. Host Package. PS: We have just 20 slots and 4 has been taken already. Grab this opportunity now! For more information send us DM or Click here to get Started Now! #baseontech #web #design #webdesign #webcontent #SME #chatbox #pages #technicalsupport #contactus

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A 5-day online training on Microsoft Excel for SMEs- by Nigerian-German Centre

Nigerian-German Centre presents a 5-day online training on Microsoft Excel for SMEs. The training is aimed at supporting small and medium business owners among the local population and returning migrants into understanding the basic Microsoft Excel functionalities required for their businesses. Competencies to be gained upon completion of the training include: basic functionalities and fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, text formatting, formula essentials and data management and be able to apply the knowledge gained in business activities. Date: July 12 – 16, 2021Venue: Online (Microsoft Teams)Time: 10:00am – 11:30am daily Participation is freeParticipants with 5 days attendance would receive certificate of participation at the end of the training. Successful applicants would receive the link to join the training on Friday , 9th July, 2021. Register here Share with your friends and loved ones      

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Investing money, your time, efforts and resources into building a social media fan base for your business is good, not doubt. But, let us imagine business with millions of naira investments building twitter audience and now its banned. What if the other social media channel gets banned if they fail to obtain a licence to operate. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “Do not build your house on a rented apartment” As an entrepreneur, business owners and organization it is time to start maximizing the full potentials and benefits of the internet by owning a website for your business that will accommodate your audience/customers. “Your website is your real estate on the internet” More importantly it doesn’t have to be expensive to own a world class website for your business . I am ready to guide you further as an IT professional. Do not waste anymore time, act now and position your business at the forefront of global potential customers. For free consultation on how to get started, visit or send a chat on

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